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Lee Palombo

Photography to me is capturing those Evaporative Moments. Bringing to life a story of what you see and sharing it with someone else. A photo tells a story about someone, something, or some place, a moment in time that you will never get back.

I wasn't one of those people who was given a camera at age five, and then decided to love photography. I was a mom who had kids and I tried taking their pictures, but found out that they didn't like to sit still. I was shooting in film at that time and that was so much more expensive to use. With the change in technology I changed over to digital. I am so glad I did.

So I took my camera and started focusing on things that didn't move. I love landscape photography and have been enjoying what God created right in front of me for many years.

I travel for my regular job and carried my camera with me wherever I go. Fortunately for me, I could stop on a whim if I saw an opportunity and take a shot. Since we live in such a beautiful area, God has showed me his creation through the lens of my camera.

With the age of digital, I've found that I could take so many more pictures and created a small business call, Creation Shots Photography.