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Painting Foundations 205

5 Seats Available

Painting Foundations




5/1/2024 to 5/29/2024

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$5 Resident Discount

Location: Instructor:
  • Sue Cash

Meeting Times

  • Wednesday 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Beginner level

Learn the basics of oil or acrylic painting. Class covers materials, color theory, design, and painting process. Materials list online.

Additional Notes

Painting Foundations is a 5-week exploration of the fundamentals of painting. Painting methods and materials, composition, color theory and expression will be covered in a concentrated format. Each class session will focus on a different topic. Designed for beginning painters, the class can also be applied to more experienced painters wanting a refresher or trying a new medium. Primarily acrylics and water-based oils are used for instruction, but watercolor, pastel or other media may be substituted.

Choose only one medium. Bring the listed materials to the first class. We will review what you have and become familiar with how they are used. If using alternative materials, or for any questions, contact the instructor at

Materials: This is a suggested list. If you already have materials, bring what you have. Table-top easels, drawing boards, water containers, paper towels and general room supplies are provided. Bring a Sketch Book.

Acrylics or Water-Based Oils

Medium-size student grade tubes are fine. Pre-packaged sets may not have the complete range of colors and should be supplemented as needed. AVOID the large, inexpensive sets of tiny tubes.

  • Basic Colors
    • Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue
    • Hansa or Zinc Yellow
    • Cadmium Red Medium Hue
    • Alizarine Crimson or Quinacridone Magenta
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Cerulean Blue
    • Titanium White – Large tube
    • Additional colors (optional)
      • Phthalo Blue
      • Burnt Sienna
      • Raw Umber
      • Ivory Black
      • Zinc (Mixing) White
      • Painting medium for chosen media
        • Acrylic: Matte Medium and/or Gel Medium
        • Water-based Oils: Painting Medium and/or Fast-dry Painting Medium
        • Set of assorted synthetic long-handled bristle brushes, including:
          • #4 flat
          • #8 flat
          • #6 filbert
          • #4 round
          • Disposable palette paper
          • Pad of canvas paper- (9x12 or 11x14)
          • 5 canvas panels or stretched canvases, minimum size 9x12, maximum size 16x20


*Due to room constraints oils, even with odorless paint thinner, are excluded from class work unless special precautions are taken. Please contact the instructor if you plan to use oils. Water-based oils are OK.




Watercolors (Optional)

  • Paints
    • A student grade set of tube watercolors, such as Academy or Cotman should have most of the recommended colors (see list above).
    • Additional colors may be added individually.
    • Large plastic palette with mixing wells
    • A pad or block of 140lb Cold Press watercolor paper – minimum size 9x12, maximum size 16x20.
    • Masking Tape-1” roll
    • Brushes
      • Package of short-handled synthetic brushes are fine to start. White Nylon or Golden Taklon are best.
      • 1’ Flat Wash
      • Several rounds, sizes 4, 6



  • Class Fee $149.00
Total: $149.00