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The Telescope: 16th Century to 20th Century 301

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The Telescope: 16th Century to 20th Century





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  • Wednesday 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


This fascinating course takes you on a cosmic journey to the golden age of antique and classic telescopes when men such as Hans Lipperhey, Galileo Galilei, Sir Issac Newton, William Parsons’ Leviathan of Parsontown, William Herschel, George Ellery Hale and many more influential astronomers opened the cosmos for our eyes.  Learn about their ideas, struggles, visions and how these telescopes were created and completed to success.  This was a time when art and craftsmanship as well as aperture size and telescope design was the number one goal in telescope making. 



  • Class Fee $34.00
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Note: Class has been CANCELLED